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Abu Dhabi City Tours provides a combination of traditional customs and modern wonders. Abu Dhabi City Tours will show you around all of the must-see highlights of the UAE's beautiful capital. You will be able to view the city's extraordinary buildings, including a few sensational examples of architecture that can't be found anywhere else, as well as alluring glimpses into the ancient times.  Experience Abu Dhabi's unique mix of culture and traditional arts as we guide you through the city's Asian markets and handicraft centres. Through the Abu Dhabi City tours, you will enter a world of Islamic designs and advanced architecture, mixing fresh modernity with the ancient customs of the East and the West. Explore a city where the brilliant greens of beautiful gardens meet with the blues of the ocean and sky.
Your professional guide will escort you from your centrally-located Dubai hotel to the city of Abu Dhabi, situated approximately 1.5 hrs away. Abu Dhabi, capital of the UAE, is also known as the 'Arabian Jewel', a name that reflects the city's lush monuments and colourful new architecture.

About Abu Dhabi City Tours:

As you travel around, our guides will entrance you with to stories about Abu Dhabi and its many impressive sights, including Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan and Al-Nahyan Mosque, or the 'impressive mosque', as it is more commonly known. You will wonder at the Mosque's sheer size and brilliance before heading within to find out all there is to know about this important memorial. The beautiful building can hold approximately 40,000 worshippers within its walls, making it among the world's biggest mosques, and a must-see destination.

Highlights of Abu Dhabi City Tours:

Next you will hop back into the tour minivan and travel a short distance to the Women's Handicraft Centre, wherever local arts and trades are showcased. See local women making conventional handicrafts, and find out how the Centre was built to provide job opportunities for women in the area, while preserving local heritage.
After exploring the center, Abu Dhabi city tours will take you to the streets of one of Abu Dhabi's older constructions, Qasr al-Husn. Built in the eighteenth century, this conspicuous white palace was the home of the city's administration until as recently as the 1960s. You can stop for photographs outside Qasr al-Husn, before carrying on along the waterfront, Corniche, with its well-known white-sand beach.  After pausing for lunch (cost not included) the tour will head to Abu Dhabi's Heritage Village, an outdoor museum that showcases the day-to-day life of the city before the breakthrough of oil changed this city forever. Stroll around at your leisure and see the recreated souks and traditional Bedouin goat-hair camps.
The tour will conclude with a drive past the Dhow Yard where wooden ships are built utilising time-honoured techniques.  Your guide will then return you to the start point back in Dubai.
You will never ever forget this memorable tour of Abu Dhabi. Our friendly, professional guides provide excellent service and informative historical commentary as you visit all the key attractions of Abu Dhabi. The Abu Dhabi City Tours offers an amazing experience; you will be left with a strong desire to return and do it all again!


Abu Dhabi City Tour Itinerary

Abu Dhabi Corniche
Heritage Village
Marina Mall
Emirates Palace Hotel (subject to availability)
Sheikh Zayed Mosque
3:00pm pm to 3:30pm
Within Dubai and sharjah Only

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