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Dubai offers an extensive range of things to do, experience, feel and learn. The creek, which flows from the gulf, essentially splits the city centre in two, making for a scenic and unique atmosphere.  Upon entering the city you will amazed to see high tech, modernised constructions sitting side by side with ancient traditional homes and mosques.  This is just one glimpse of the diversity you will be able to expect from your precious time in Dubai.

Dubai creek dinner cruise

The establishment of Dubai creek dinner cruise was built in the year 1995 with the real vision of offering up a true taste of Arabia for tourists. The name itself is literal- you will really experience dinner on the spectacular Dubai creek which is the lifeblood of the center of Dubai. The creek was the origin of Dubai's affluence before the oil trade took hold. The creek is a crucial aspect of Dubai's past which has shaped the way the city has been developed. In turn, the people of Dubai have remoulded the creek to reflect the city's modern vision.

Dubai creek dinner cruise:Highlights

On your cruise along Dubai creek, you will see many of Dubai's most well-known landmarks: the famous wind towers, Sheikh Saeed House, the far-farmed Heritage Village, the Diving Village, the celebrated Shindagha tunnel, Creek Golf & Yacht Club and many innovative skyscrapers and other brilliant sights.  Along the way you will come to understand how old Dubai developed from a little settlement township of merchandisers to its existing state as a highly advanced and wealthy city. The novel experience of sailing along the creek in a traditional dhow adds another element to the adventure. With its multiple nationalities, diverse racial groups, numerous languages and fast growth, you will see that Dubai personifies the ancient and the new alike, offering an extraordinary contrast for you to enjoy.
The Dubai creek dinner cruise has been running for five years, during which time we have built up a reputation as the best luxury dinner cruise company.  Our cruises have become a top priority for all visitors to Dubai, as well as frequent dining destination for local residents. Established by Seine Design, France, only the Dubai Creek Dinner Cruise seamlessly mixes cutting-edge technology and the best comfort available. With an anti-reflective glass enclosing, clients are treated to clear views from all seats, and the high tech air conditioning system ensures maximum comfort, while a top-end audio system delivers a brilliant acoustic ambience.
Our boats are specifically designed for the creek, with a flat-bottomed design and four autonomous engines that allow  this air-conditioned deluxe dinner cruise vessel to coast across the water. The smoothness of this deluxe Dubai cruise restaurant allows you to freely walk around and delight in your time on board. In holding with the JA Resorts & Hotels current environmental program, Dubai Creek Dinner Cruise integrates a host of eco-friendly characteristics that ensure that no pollution is out-flowing, while bringing down noise and exhaust discharges.
The creek dinner cruise tour in Dubai is a memorable tour that you will be glad to have been part of. Experience our high-quality services and get to know Dubai from a unique vantage point. Your Dubai creek dinner cruise will be a night you will never forget!



2 Hours Cruising
Intercontinental Buffet Dinner
Tanoura Show
Megical Show
Horse Show
Mascot Show

7-7:30pm (Approximately)
Within Dubai and sharjah Only

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