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tourists alike. An educational experience, the 'Bride of Emirates' is the best place to get escape the city for a few days.  The Fujairah Heritage Village offers life-sized replicas of fishing boats, and historical houses that display tools, household items and pottery from the past. The Heritage Village is one of the most popular places to visit as it shows exactly how people lived in this region in the past and how they were able to coexist peacefully.

Fujairah tour East Coast: Historic visit

Resting on top of a hill over-looking the Indian Ocean is the Fujairah Fort. The oldest fort in the United Arab Emirates, it was passed down through the ruling family, and was also used as a defensive fortress. Surrounded by the homes that make up the Fujairah Heritage Village, it is the perfect travel destination to for those interested in UAE heritage. Another main tourist attraction is the Fujairah Museum, which delves into traditional ways of life and the ancient cultures. Exhibits throughout the museum give tourists accurate information, and an informative account of how the life of the town has evolved over time. The oldest, and possibly the smallest, mosque in the UAE is the Al Badiyah Mosque.  It was built out of mud bricks and stone in 1446AD and has spectacular views from the tower looking over it.

Exciting Activities: Fujairah Tour East Coast

Even the journey to Fujairah is exciting, as you go from a spectacular dessert onto a winding mountain road, passing by water-filled streams known as Wadis.
Funtours offers you a fascinating tour in which you will explore Fujairah & The East Coast, on a much-needed escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday city life. A full-day tour, it will take you to the Northern Emirates, passing by Dibba, Kalba and Sharjah. Then you will travel on to the three main attractions; the Fujairah Museum, the Fujairah Heritage Village, and last but not least, the Fujairah Fort.
After lunch, you may have the opportunity to swim in the waters of the Indian Ocean. Bring your swimwear in case this option is available, so that you can enjoy the luscious, warm and luxurious waters. Of course, partaking in this part of the tour is completely optional.
At the end of the tour, you will visit the Al Badiyah Mosque and the Masafi Maket, which is also known as the Friday Market. The Masafi Market is well known for its handcrafted rugs, pottery, delicate and ornate antiques.
Funtours brings you an excellent choices of tours, ranging from tourist sites to local historical points of interest. This particular tour provides you with a quiet time away from the noise of the city, giving you the ability to relax peacefully while learning about this fascinating culture. Our guides will provide you with interesting insights into the traditional ways of living, facts about our history, and insider information about all the local highlights and hotspots.
The pick up time is approximately 8:00-8:30am. The tour is able to pick you up within Dubai and Sharjah.  You may book the tour online beforehand or pay in cash on the day of the tour. The Fujairah Tour East Coast offers amazing opportunity to explore this adventerous region of Fujairah.


Fujairah East Coast Tour Itinerary

Fujairah Museum
Fujairah Fort
Fujairah Heritage Village
Al Badiyah Mosque
Friday Market
3:00pm pm to 3:30pm
Within Dubai and sharjah Only

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