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Magnificent places with delightful diversity
If you have made plans for a fun-filled vacation, and you need to find somewhere great to go, the Sharjah & Ajman city tours should be part of your plans. This is a place that reflects the charm and enchantment of the Arab world.  Sharjah is a blend of cultural antiquity, relaxation and an exotic extravaganza of swaying camels and traditional souks. Ajman is the smallest of the Emirates, though it stretches 16km along the coastline, and is an interesting example of life in the UAE before the discovery of oil.

Highlight of Sharjah & Ajman city tours

Tourists are enthralled by the attractions here that have an alluring connection to an ancient past. Among the numerous places of special interest on the Sharjah & Ajman city tours are the Science Museum, the Archeology museum and the Grand Sahara Cinema, all of which attract many tourists.
Relax in fantastic style!
Spend your evenings of the Sharjah & Ajman city tour, and relax on the Al Majaz waterfront. The sea view is fantastic and there are plenty of eateries around. Nearby there is an activity centre for children called Alwan. You can leave your children here while you go shopping.

Visiting spots in Sharjah & Ajman city tours

Hundreds of landmarks show how the Emirate one has developed both rapidly and beautfiully.  Very few tourists miss the amazing attractions on this tour, such as Sharjah National Park, Sharjah Cricket stadium (try to make it when there is a match on), the children's farm, the souks and the docks.
All of these are must-do attractions that will make your holiday to the Emirates a truly amazing experience, full of variety, culture and fun.
Staying in the Emirates
In the quest for thrilling vacations spots, the trip to the Emirates Sharjah & Ajman definitely comes out on top. The Emirates has several excellent hotels for tourists to enjoy. You can fly into Sharjah on your own and easily locate a good hotel. A tour guide can help you if you have problems with the language or if you want to just enjoy the trip without having to organise all the details- we know the best ways to spend your holiday in style! There are many exciting holiday events and attractions that you will experience with Sharjah and Ajman city tours.
Glorious Scenes of cultural authenticity
The Sharjah & Ajman city tour will take you to key attractions such as King Faisal Mosque, Al Jazeera Park, Sharjah Aquarium and the Arabian wildlife centre. The King Faisal Mosque was built in honour of the late King of Saudi Arabia.  It is just a short walk from Blue Souk, which is one of the most sought after places by tourists for shopping. You will also visit the Sharjah Aquarium, which has an amazing collection of marine life ranging from stingrays and ornamental fish species, to turtles and sharks.
The Sharjah & Ajman city tours allow you to see many things of great cultural interest all around you, even if you are not shopping. Gorgeous mosques, spectacular architecture and brilliantly designed handicraft and jewellery are on display in and around the Sharjah city square.
Round off your vacation with panache
One aspect of the UAE experience that you truly must experience first-hand to appreciate is how this once vast desert of nothingness has changed with the onset of modern advancements in building and information technology. It is truly an amazing adventure to see how this landscape has altered.  Join us on a Sharjah & Ajman City tour and see for yourself the breathtaking splendour of Arab culture combined with the richness of a one-of-a-kind landscape that will enchant and thrill you.

Sharjah Ajman city Tours Itinerary

King Faisal Mosque
Sharjah Cultural Square
Blue Souk
Ajman Museum
Qanat Al Qasba
The Eye of the Emirates
3:00pm pm to 3:30pm
Within Dubai and sharjah Only

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